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Break My Stride, 2021, Amelia Ford

  • Break My Stride, 2021, Amelia Ford
  • Break My Stride, 2021, Amelia Ford
  • Break My Stride, 2021, Amelia Ford

Artist: ABE

2021/2022 - This is the burnt remains of the painting.

33x2x1 in

A copy of the original painting before it was burnt is included

Artwork comes with certificate of authenticity and Bill of Sale

This work is a part of the Narcissists Don't Kill Themselves series. The artist had an entire collection of her artworks burned by a disgruntled lover. After the fallout, Amelia decided to keep the remains and make it art.

Amelia Ford’s style can be somewhat described as abstract expressionism. There tends to be sexual references in her work as well as the balances of power and money. The duality of a person from professional to personal, public to private life is a dynamic seen often. Amelia was raised Pentecostal Christian, but gravitated towards a more spiritual outlook on life once going to college. Her fascination with discovering the truths of religion and adoration of Byzantine style artwork can be seen in many pieces. The artist also exhibits deep interests in exhibiting black/ethnic characters and people of color in positions of power/prominence they are not normally portrayed. The artist uses her artwork to exhibit her beliefs, feelings and life experiences, and allows inspirations to flow from where they may. Amelia attended Converse College to study art therapy and University of South Carolina Upstate for Master of Fine Arts. An immediate collector favorite, Ford continues to shatter price and selling estimates. Her work has been featured on The Post and Courier, Go Upstate, the Spartanburg Harold Journal, and Hub City News. Amelia has had three successful solo shows including two solo shows in New York City. Upcoming exhibitions for the artist include Art Basel Miami 2022, The Armory Show, Help Yourself - A Solo Exhibition with Julia Seabrook Gallery 2022, Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, NADA 2023