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Fire, 2022, Lewinale

  • Fire, 2022, Lewinale
  • Fire, 2022, Lewinale
  • Fire, 2022, Lewinale

30x 40 in (2022)

Pencils, pastels, ink, acrylic, carbon paint, monoprint on smooth rag paper.

Artist: Lewinale (b. 1990)

This is an original, signed artwork

Lewinale converts memories, visions, and dreams into artwork that unites photographs, drawings, paint, and color — and this requires a touch of the supernatural.

The artists' work deals primarily with aspects of identity, including gender and power dynamics, race, religion, and sexuality.
It debunks the historical power structure systems that once surrounded Lewinale, shedding light on who she was, whom she became, and whom she is becoming.

Lewinale Havette’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions in museums and galleries in the United States and Europe, including 1-54 Contemporary African Fair in NY, Delphian Gallery in London, UK; Launch F18 in New York, NY; Alan Avery Art Company in Atlanta, GA; the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana; and The ROOM Contemporary Art Space in Venice, Italy. In addition, she was represented by the Pérez Art Museum Miami at Art Basel Miami